Monday, May 11, 2009

Hold On, I'm Coming

I Finally got this back.

It's a Motorola T5544. No refinishing on this one (the finish is a blonde/limed oak finish) , but I thought it was worthy of a spot. I sent it out with our man who does the repairs on old tv's/radios/consoles a while back and it's been totally restored. The picture is great and the sound is amazing. I originally purchased it from parking lot sale behind one of my favorite local stores, Lula B's for about 20 bucks. I remember when I first turned it on, there was a little sound and a fuzzy picture of the Twilight Zone just beginning (totally appropriate) but it needed some work and I didn't know anyone at the time who could do the job.

Fast forward to 8 years later and here it is. (that is Sam from Sam & Dave on the screen). It now has a hook up (like our Philco Predicta, which I might gab on about later) so I can hook up cable (don't miss the color), DVD player or VHS. This (pic) is from a VHS called Soul Deep.

These are great for old movies, music videos, like another one of my favorites, the STAX/VOLT REVUE : LIVE IN NORWAY (watched it again this weekend), which has amazing performances and no (as much as all of the info is good) gabbing through it, just a great live show with Booker T and the MG's backing the whole show and they are at the top of thier game.


  1. So nice to have this TV back at home :)

  2. Who did your repairs? I have a great old hi-fi that needs some work done and have no idea who to call. - Amy Morris