Monday, November 22, 2010

New Location

As many of you already know, I have been working with a few different people to get my new shop ready to go. It has been a couple of months in the making. We started out with a pretty bare bones metal building, and it had plenty of issues. We now have the outer walls repaired (which were leaking and rammed in a few places thanks to what must have been a drunken forklift driver). We also have the inner walls built, insulated and sheetrocked and just finished up building the paint booth the other day. Have my shop partner's stuff all moved in and partly arranged. I shoud have the rest of my operation up and running in here by next monday. It has been a long time coming. I have made things work well with my beloved home shop for many years now, but I felt like it was an oppurtunity for a positive change that I couldn't (or shouldn't) pass up. I am going to really love having more space to work. I have included several pictures of the process of re-working the new shop and there will be more to come. Just make a note of the new address. It is 4750 Gretna. This is 75207, right off of Irving blvd. , close to Inwood road.

Most of the walls had to be 'stick framed', which I eventually figured out was framing it stick by stick, because of the notches that had to be put in every stud for the cross braces.

Thanks to Bart and James for Schooling me on some of the finer points of construction.

And thanks to Larry and Mitchell, the outer walls were fixed so we can keep out the critters and the rain.

Finished walls on the north side of the building.

The inside of the new paint booth.

along with some nice natural lighting..

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  1. Have you had your open house yet? If not, be sure to make a big announcement. I'd love to come.

    And congratulations about your other big news. :)